Bags are incorporated in ones gestural memory and are inextricably linked with the body. Within this collection I explore how objects can be experienced materially and spatially and uncover the dynamic relationship between bag, body, structure and gesture.

My designs explore the role of metal wire and hardware in forming and deforming an object and how certain shapes can prompt bodily poses.

Through a series of textile led experimentations I combine wire, weaving and metal to create new innovate textiles, which inform shape and motion. One finds that objects can affect movement, both in the structure of the bag but also the body.

Bags make the body move, sway, swing. It is always in a dynamic relationship to the body and self. This design is an investigation of movement, gesture and structure. The circular shape is informed through textile structures created through wire interwoven into leather.

It features a transformable shape with the ability to expand into a bucket bag with a larger internal space, or collapse into a clutch.

The varying possibilities for the user to hold and engage with the bag uncovers the inter-connectivity of body and bag.

Reflective material further depicts this notion of movement  through the play of light and shadow within the surface. A unique hardware closure is featured with custom-made brass beads on shoulder strap.

This transformable purse omits different movements.Through two hidden additional side pockets, the user is invited to create the gesture of putting ones hand in their pocket and distort the shape of the bag.The gesture of putting ones hand in a pocket historically was a masculine gesture- as trousers were reserved for men. I have taken this notion from historic menswear design and embedded it into an innovative womenswear purse.

This allows the consumer to co-create the shape of the object and explore movements between internal and external space linked through the body and movement.It highlights how objects and gestural memory can affect the interaction with bags.

Materially this bag has been Intricately hand woven in exotic leather skins such as snake, metallic copper and calf.

BAG THREE: Form/Deform. Investigates the role of metal hardware and wire in deforming textile and shape to create innovative structures.  The object of the bag is further distorted through the use of hardware closure. It questions how to objects affect our movement?