Lynette Yahya is an emerging fashion and accessory designer from Sydney, Australia. Her designs are inspired by the intersection between the abstract, the creative and the functional.Her approach is conceptually driven and described as an exploratory investigation and experimental process of making with a focus on craftsmanship, creativity and sustainability. She has a specialised interest in leather goods and conceptual development.
Lynette Yahya has graduated with a Bachelor (Hon) of Design, in Fashion and Textiles from the University of Technology Sydney. Shortly after completing her Degree she relocated to Italy for an accessory design scholarship to train at Bottega Venetas atelier in Veneto, Italy in a collaboration with IUAV Venice.

The collaboration aimed at developing contemporary professionals who are able to create connections between the design, technical know-how and invention process of the craft. It brought a deepened appreciation and understanding of the craftsmanship involved in high-end products and cemented her passion to be involved in the design and product development industry for luxury brands.